how can i get a credit when my child is absent on a paid lunch day or emergency school closing?

If paying online through myschoolaccount -

For as many days missed in the previous month, you would select the prepaid by check option for that many days (no need to select the daily drink option when prepaying by check). The days selected will be deducted from your total.

If paying by check sent into school-

There is no change in the ordering process, you only need to deduct the amount of days missed on the check sent in. 

Why do I need to order lunch at least 1 week in advance?

We order supplies 1 week before lunch is served and in order to guarantee we have enough  food to serve everyone without creating too much waste we ask that orders are in at that time. We do offer last minute lunch for a slightly increased price up until 9 am on that lunch day.

Why didn't my child get a lunch ticket when i ordered a last minute lunch?

When you order through the Myschool Account site, there is a list generated of those orders that are sent to your child's teacher. The teacher will hand out lunch tickets to students on that list. Once ordering is closed, any last minute orders are added to a list that is at the lunch table where the names are checked off as they are served. 

Do I need to send separate emails/checks for each child in the same school?

You can total all the lunches and send 1 check for all children in the family who goes to the same school. You can also send 1 last minute lunch request or email with all your children's name.  No need to send one for each child. You have enough to worry about as a parent!

I forgot to keep a record of lunches that I ordered, how can I find those?

Sign into your Myschoolaccount.com account and click on the Preorder tab. You can either click on Recent Orders or Reports to access your orders. 

Questions? Email Us!

St. Michaels's Hot Lunch Email

Crystal Kwit-Food Service Director 


St. Alexander's Hot Lunch Email

Natalie Orellana-Food Service Director


Last Minute Lunch Ordering

You can order last minute lunches until 9 AM on the day of for $5.45. Fill out below with Child's name, school, grade, and dates requested. Please send your child with cash or check in an envelope marked "Hot Lunch"

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