Fresh Homemade Lunches Everyday!


Fresh Homemade Lunches Everyday!

About Us

Daily Lunches Made With Fresh Ingredients


By limiting typical daily options such as hot dogs, nachos, potato chips, french fries, candy, pop, and other low value foods, we were able to add fresh roasted chicken, homemade soups and sauces, fresh ground hamburgers, pizza made from scratch, fresh salads and produce, whole grain wraps and pastas, and dressings made with our own Pylian Estates olive oil. 

We Care About Your Children


We started by making food from scratch using fresh ingredients as if every meal were intended for our own children. We take pride in offering the most delicious and nutritional lunches so they can go about their day ready to learn! We also make teacher's lunches with fresh salads, sandwiches, and wraps with the same care that goes into the children's lunches!

Online Ordering


You can order through with your Child's Student ID number, which can be obtained through your Child's School office (or PowerSchool account) For questions about all year ordering for a discounted rate, please email us!

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